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​About our Lab

LAFAE investigates aspects related to physiological evaluations and physical and sports training applied to experimental and human models. In sport, our laboratory studies physiological evaluations in field and laboratory conditions involving scientific and technological innovations, in which the specificity of sports modalities and the implications of the results in prescription and monitored training are prioritized. Intended to acquire accurate information on adaptive responses after acute and chronic exercise, animal models submitted to different highly controlled training methods are also used.


Claudio Alexandre Gobatto, PhD
Full Professor
Licenciated at Physical Education from State University of Sao Paulo - UNESP (1989) e specialist in Motricity and Human Development (1991) from UNESP - Rio Claro, Master (1993) and PhD (1997) at Biology Science - Physiology (1997) from University of Campinas - UNICAMP. Claudio is Full Professor at Sport Science Course - School of Applied Sciences - FCA - University of Campinas and he was Post Doctoral Fellow at Department of Genetics and Medical Genetics - University of Wisconsin - Madison - EUA. Claudio is a CNPq Research (level 1-A) and his interest areas are physical training and sports, with emphasis in exercise physiology, physiological evaluation, athletes and animal model
Fúlvia de Barros Manchado Gobatto, PhD
Associate Professor
Bachelor's at Physical Education from State University of Sao Paulo - UNESP (2001), master's (2004) and PhD (2007) at Motricity Sciences from State University of Sao Paulo - UNESP. Currently Fúlvia is Associate Professor at Sports Sciences Course - School of Applied Sciences - FCA, University of Campinas. She was Post Doctoral fellow at Department of Genetics - University of Wisconsin, Madison - USA (FAPESP Grants). Fulvia is an CNPq Research (level 2) and her interest areas are physical education and sports, with an emphasis in exercise physiology, physical and phyisiological evaluations and sport training.
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